An Introduction

Hey there!

I’m Jesse, husband and new father. Good to meet you!


I got very interested in growing food and developing a more sustainable life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeing just how easy it could be for food resources to dry up was pretty scary – especially considering I now have an infant to take care of! This blog will document my journey from complete amateur to (hopeful) experienced gardener extroardinaire.

Growing food of any kind never really crossed my mind before. My grandparents had gardens when I was a kid, and I would help them (as much as a young child can) but the gardening bug never quite bit me. In fact, I abhorred doing any sort of outdoor work up until recently. I would much rather spend my time playing video games, like many young men today like to do. However, I wasn’t being fulfilled by playing games all day long. I had a yearning to do ‘more’ with my life.

And then the pandemic happened, and I got to thinking more about food supply as mentioned above.

I started watching YouTube videos on gardening and I was hooked. Big time. Now I’m consuming as much material as I can between YouTube and books – and I want to help pass that information along to you guys!

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