Weekly Update 7/20/20

My baby boy just had his one month checkup. Time is flying by! I’m starting to understand why my mom always said “don’t blink!”

It literally feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital and Maria was giving birth.

He’s becoming more and more alert, and he is quite the little wiggler! For a tiny being that just flails his arms and legs he sure can move a lot!

The Garden

We have peppers galore coming in – at last count we are up to eight bell peppers growing! Won’t be long now…

Bell Peppers

Tomatoes are growing up a storm too! Even the Mr. Stripey that i have been having trouble with is fruiting.

Cherokee Purple
Mr. Stripey

The leaves are still curled like crazy, and I have had to prune off yellowing branches but it is fruiting so I guess things are okay? *shrugs*

The zucchini plant has gone absolutely crazy. I feel like I’m dealing with a leaf explosion over here! Hopefully by next weeks garden update we will have some blooms to show off (it’s growing the second round of blooms now!)

Zucchini Squash

A note for next year: when you plant squash give them PLENTY of room. Also planting them in the corner of the bed may have been a good idea. Live and learn though! Live and learn.

But would you guess that I have something hiding under my zucchini plant? Take a look:

Cilantro sprouts

I planted some cilantro under the big leaves of my squash and they’re starting to come up! Why did I do that you ask?

Because, even though a lot of us think of cilantro as one of the ‘flavors of summer’ it actually prefers slightly cooler weather and less intense sun.

Planting it under the giant leaves of the zucchini plant helps ensure that the plant does not get burnt up by the intense sun during this time of year.


The watermelons are really starting to go too. I’m hoping to get at least one before the end of the season! I think I’ll be pushing it, considering how late I got into gardening this year (early June 2020, if you’re wondering)


Same situation with the cukes! As long as I can get some fruit, I’ll be happy.

Planning ahead

I have also started planning ahead to the fall garden that I want to grow. More on that soon!

However, I can tell you that I have built a second bed and that I am spending a lot more time planning what I want to plant, when I will plant it, and how I’m going to organize my beds.

Stay tuned! 🙂

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