Weekly Update 7/27/20

Happy Monday, everyone!

What a week! My son had his one month check up: he’s grown an inch and a half and gained a pound and a half. He’s growing so stinkin’ quick!!

I still can’t believe we have a child in our house. We wanted him for so long and he is really, actually here!! It really is incredible.

The Garden

zucchini plant is taking over – i wish i had thought about how big it was going to get, zucchini blossom,

The zucchini plant has gone mad. It’s leaves are spreading out into my pepper plants and covering up all the radishes! I knew these plants got big, but jeez! Also, the second round of flowers are starting to show up. Shouldn’t be long before we have fruits now!!

Zucchini blossom

The watermelon vine has doubled in size the last week…

Watermelon vine

I got my first pea pod too!

pea pod
Pea Pod

The Mr. Stripey tomatoes are doing well! I have this cluster of three, and another small cluster of four coming in on the backside of the plant!

mr. stripey
Mr. Stripey

As for the Cherokee purple tomatoes, well….

Something ate every last one of them. Gone without a trace. That was my first real loss as a gardener, and I have to tell you that I was devastated. It ruined my day.

I knew I was going to lose something eventually. I did. This one stung, though.

There is always a silver lining though! We have a new round of fruit coming in.

cherokee purple
Cherokee Purple

I have made up a hot pepper and garlic solution that I’m going to try out. It is supposed to be good at deterring wildlife from the garden due to the pungent smell of the garlic and the taste of the hot pepper sauce. Post coming later this week with the recipe for it!

So I was thinking…

As you may have noticed, I changed the look of the blog and made it a little more mobile friendly. I mean, honestly, who doesn’t surf the web mostly on their phones today?

So tell me, what do you think of the changes to the blog? Is it easier to read if you are on mobile? What can I do to make it easier for you to read?

I want to share my journey with you, and in a way that is enjoyable for you all!

Thank you, and have a great week everyone.

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