Weekly Update 8/3/20

Hey there, guys! How has everyone’s week been?

It’s been quite the week in the garden. The pest repellant I mentioned last week seems to be working (so far) and everything is growing so quickly!

Also, I’ve harvested my first vegetable from the garden. Any guesses on what it was?

The Garden

Even after pruning off a ton of leaves the zucchini is still the dominating plant in the garden. Look at the size of those leaves!

The peppers are slowly, slowly beginning to ripen. You can see where the peppers are starting to go from a dark green to a brighter green. I’m guessing by next week we’ll have some red peppers ready to go. How exciting!

Mr. Stipeys are doing just fine. Growing bigger and bigger by the day. They have the coolest little ripples in the skin of the fruit.

The Cherokee purples, however, are coming back in full force! We lost five a few weeks ago but the plant has come back with ten new fruits! Fingers crossed these make it. I’ve been watching them like a hawk.

And, finally…

We got our first zucchini! This beauty grew to full size in just under a week! How freaking crazy is that?! I knew these things grew quick, but dang!

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