Weekly Update 8/10/20

It’s been a pretty mellow week around here. I’m grateful for that. Being a new parent sometimes feels like you’re going a hundred miles an hour while standing still. I’m not complaining at all, I guess I’m just trying to say that time seems to move much more quickly these days. So when things in … Continue reading Weekly Update 8/10/20

Weekly Update 8/3/20

Hey there, guys! How has everyone’s week been? It’s been quite the week in the garden. The pest repellant I mentioned last week seems to be working (so far) and everything is growing so quickly! Also, I’ve harvested my first vegetable from the garden. Any guesses on what it was? The Garden Even after pruning … Continue reading Weekly Update 8/3/20

Weekly Update 7/27/20

Happy Monday, everyone! What a week! My son had his one month check up: he’s grown an inch and a half and gained a pound and a half. He’s growing so stinkin’ quick!! I still can’t believe we have a child in our house. We wanted him for so long and he is really, actually … Continue reading Weekly Update 7/27/20

Weekly Update 7/20/20

My baby boy just had his one month checkup. Time is flying by! I’m starting to understand why my mom always said “don’t blink!” It literally feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital and Maria was giving birth. He’s becoming more and more alert, and he is quite the little wiggler! For a … Continue reading Weekly Update 7/20/20

Weekly Update 7/13/20

Hey, hey, guys! I hope everyone has been well since last we spoke? Things are well here! My wife, Maria, and I are really getting into the swing of this whole baby thing. Maybe we just got lucky with him – but he is an incredibly chill and laid back dude! Grayson is his name, … Continue reading Weekly Update 7/13/20

Weekly Update 7/6/20

Another week in the books! I hope everyone had a good July 4th, if you chose to celebrate. Times are certainly strange in America right now, so I completely understand if you chose not to celebrate. Nonetheless, we spent our holiday having cookouts with the family and enjoying being around loved ones. It’s funny how … Continue reading Weekly Update 7/6/20

Should You Mulch?

Have you ever wondered why it seems like you’re growing more weeds than veggies in your garden? More importantly, are you tired of the back breaking labor of pulling those weeds out of the ground? Have you ever noticed that your soil is drying out very quickly, leading to sad and wilted plants? Well then … Continue reading Should You Mulch?


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