Weekly Update 7/6/20

Another week in the books! I hope everyone had a good July 4th, if you chose to celebrate. Times are certainly strange in America right now, so I completely understand if you chose not to celebrate. Nonetheless, we spent our holiday having cookouts with the family and enjoying being around loved ones.

It’s funny how when there’s a newborn baby in the house, all anyone wants to do is sit around and stare at him/her. I hope we never lose that!

The Garden:

I learned a big lesson this week! Remember last week when I mentioned having problems with my zucchini plant? Turns out I was (mostly) just under-watering it…

*face palm*

Live and learn, I guess. Now that we are watering the plant more often, it is shooting off new growth like crazy and we’ve had the first few blossoms open up!

squash blossom
A squash blossom! And some baby new growth coming in!

The top leaves of the plant are still curling up – we will see what this next week brings. I definitely have a lot more hope for this plant now though!

little basils
Basil plants growing nicely

The basil plants are really starting to take off now! It is exhilarating watching something grow – especially something you started FROM SEED! I’m hoping to have basil for many years to come.

pea plants
Pea shoots are starting to grow rapidly

The pea plants have more than doubled their sizes over the last week – I will probably need to trellis them up before next week.

cuke babies
Cucumber babies

The cucumber plants are going a little slowly. I’m wondering if I stunted them by under-watering them? Let me know what you think! Are these guys just slow starts?

Same thing is going on with my watermelons:

baby melons
Watermelon babies

And, the most exciting thing happening for me right now! Check this out!!

cherokee purple
Cherokee Purple Tomato

That’s right, folks! My very first tomato ever. This is a baby Cherokee Purple variety. When it’s ripe it will have a nice, dusty purple colored skin and a deep purple flesh. I cannot wait to taste the first one!

When I was a young kid, I was banned from my grandfathers garden because I would go and eat EVERY LAST TOMATO I could find. Needless to say – he was not happy with me!

Got me like:

Just a man and his garden

I cannot relate to you enough how awesome it is to watch these plants grow. I am becoming addicted to this! I may be putting the cart before the horse, but I’m already planning on turning about half of my backyard into a garden.

Until next week, stay safe and remember to have a little fun!

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