Weekly Update 8/10/20

It’s been a pretty mellow week around here.

I’m grateful for that.

Being a new parent sometimes feels like you’re going a hundred miles an hour while standing still. I’m not complaining at all, I guess I’m just trying to say that time seems to move much more quickly these days. So when things in the garden and around the house don’t need too much attention, I’m very grateful for the respite.

I’ve spent much of my downtime this week rereading Tim Ferris’ book The Four Hour Work Week (this is not an affiliate link). This book has had such a major impact on my life over the last few years, I don’t even know where to start with it. Or if any of you would even be interested in that story. All I will say is that if you’re even SLIGHTLY interested in improving yourself or the quality of your life, you need to read this book. It’s not an option.

The Garden

This past week has been extremely rainy. It’s rained at least once every day. Most days it’s rained twice. Due to all the rain, two of my little zucchini’s have molded and rotted.

Off to the compost pile with those!

We do have one good one remaining, though, so be sure to check over on my Instagram to see when we harvest it!

One thing that the slightly cooler weather has done:

basil explosion
Basil explosion

All the basil plants have exploded in growth this week. The smell is absolutely divine!

The watermelon vine is starting to get out of control (a few of the leads are over four foot long now!) and they are starting to flower. Hopefully we will start growing fruit soon!

watermelon flower
Watermelon flower
watermelon flower
Watermelon flower

Speaking of blooms:

cucumber bloom
Cucumber bloom

The cucumbers (above) and pattypan squash (below) are blooming as well.

Pattypan Bloom

The pattypan blooms are male flowers, so we won’t get any fruit just yet. The blooms are amazing just by themselves though! I could stare at them all day long.

Something to think about:

These pictures are a month apart. The top one was taken Aug. 6th, the bottom one taken July 8th.

A lot can change in a month. Even if it feels like growth is slow and that nothing is happening, you are changing. Take time to reflect on yourself as often as you can and note just how far you’ve come. Chances are you’re doing a lot better than you realize.

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